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FSG DiceFail Squad Games is a gaming company that first and foremost, makes games. We model ourselves after a certain ice cream joint in Vermont - If it isn't fun, why do it?

We want to inject fun and our love of the games we play into all our products, modules, and adventures. Welcome to our worlds!

Recent FSG Blog Posts

Brindlemarsh has launched!

Brindlemarsh has launched!The newest adventure from FSG The twelfth (12) kickstarter from Fail Squad Games has just launched. Brindlemarsh is the continuation of [More]

Brindlemarsh BR-2

Brindlemarsh BR-2This adventure picks up in the mines of "The Bogey of Brindle" and transports our heroes to the hidden caves [More]

Ennies and the OSR

Ennies and the OSRThe OSR The OSR (Old School Renaissance or Revival) community is comprised heavily of small indie publishers working multiple jobs, solo [More]

A Piece of Gaming Mecca or Magic Item?

A Piece of Gaming Mecca or Magic Item?Magic Items and Nostalgia This piece of cardstock vibrates with the essence of gaming. The artisanal paper is hand-made from classic [More]

All for Ten Bucks

All for Ten BucksThis Week Only This week all Fail Squad Games paperback modules are just $10. Even the full color specials - Time [More]

Hell Hath No Furry

Hell Hath No Furry Who let the dogs out? Some hellhounds have escaped their domain in the Lands of Lunacy (or a small island on [More]

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