I feel that half-breed races such as the Half-Orc do not get enough variation, therefore I decided to create a race that is a cross between elf and orc called the Erwhona.

The Erwhona

An Erwhona is the unfortunate result of a coupling between orc and elf. Erwhona means “one who is damned” in the Elvish tongue. Such couplings are rare  and the chances of Erwhona surviving birth are even more unlikely. These incredibly rare births do happen on occasion. When an Erwhona is born in orc lands they are often left to die in the wilderness. Those not left to die, become slaves or worse. When an Erwhona is born in elf lands they live, but are viewed as vulgar and unclean. Erwhona in elf lands must leave home as soon as they reach adolescence.


Erwhona have a strange and unsettling beauty to their features. They tend toward thin muscular builds. Males average 5’8″, and females average 5’4″ in height. Male Erwhona weigh an average of 150 pounds and Females average of 120. Erwhona hair color tends toward shades of black, but other colors are not unheard of. The eyes of the Erwhona are various shades of purple to red.

Erwhona Life

Erwhona who manage to survive, find a melancholy outlook on life. They are typically unwelcome by all and find it difficult to form friendships. When they do form friendships with others, the Erwhona is fiercely loyal and will never let a friend down for any reason. Erwhona can feel the rage of orcish ancestry but also feel the love of beauty from elven heritage. The combination of orc and elvish blood often drives Erwhona toward obsessive behavior. While Erwhona may become obsessive, individual obsessions are short-lived and something else always grabs their attention and focus.

Erwhona Traits

Ability Scores: Erwhona gain a +1 to Constitution, a +1 to Dexterity.

Age: Erwhona reach maturity at 18 years and live to a maximum of 250 years.

Alignment: Erwhona do not favor good or evil but have a strong chaotic streak in their nature.

Size: Erwhona are medium size humanoids and range between 5′ to 6′ for males and 4’8″ to 5’10” as females.

Speed: Erwhona move at a base speed of 30

Senses: Erwhona have darkvision as well as keen senses. Erwhona gain proficiency in the perception skill.

Graceful Rage: An Erwhona always struggles between the feelings of their elf heritage and the rage of their orc blood. Erwhona learn to balance this internal battle for short periods of time, becoming a deadly opponent on the battlefield. Once per encounter an Erwhona may add a +1 to their attack and damage rolls, as well as a +1 evasion modifier to their armor class. They gain these bonuses for one full round.

~ Ric Martens

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