Dungeon Masters Wanted!

Dungeon Masters Wanted

Dungeon Masters Wanted Are you an experienced DM headed to a convention?

Want free limited edition collectible RPG stuff?

WE WANT YOU!!! To have fun running Fail Squad Games adventures!

Fail Squad Games is supplying a very limited quantity of Game Master Packets for those who wish to attend a convention and run Fail Squad Games adventures.





What’s in a GM packet?

A 3-Ring Binder customized for you with:

  • A printed, hole punched version of the module customized for you specifically.
  • DM Tool Cards (Various items to help track initiative, and game flow)
  • Pre Gens – Pre Gen characters for your convention players suitable for the adventure at hand.
  • Extra Character Sheets.
  • Hole punched illustrations / maps – easily pop out and share with the table.
  • Frequent Failure Cards – A fun convention punch card for those who fumble exquisitely.
  • A signed personalized copy of the module for your own collection.
  • Digital files for convention reg, table promotion etc.
  • * Some packets include player rewards.

Each GM packet is different and varies depending on the adventure you choose.

How to get one!

To get one of these limited sweet GM packets, all you need to do is

  1. Attend a convention of 500 or more typical attendees (attendance negotiable, online-cons do not count)
  2. Contact FSG  regarding the convention you are attending and which adventure you would like to run. These are hand assembled packets, so please check in for approval BEFORE step 3.
  3. Register to run your approved Fail Squad Games adventure(s) at the con.
  4. Send Fail Squad Games proof that you have an approved registered event. (Link to event listing, confirmation email or letter from convention etc)

That’s it.  Your packet is then assembled and shipped to your door, with a hearty thanks. Any convention table photos appreciated and FSG posts may be created for you to add to your fame as an accomplished DM.

Available adventures for GM Packets include:

Some adventure content may need to be additionally stream-lined by GMs to fit time slots allotted at their chosen convention.

Contact Fail Squad Games NOW for your limited, hand assembled, collectible GM Packet!

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