Hobbit or Halfling?

Hobbit of Halfling?

Which do you Prefer? When the race first came to Dungeons and Dragons, it was Hobbit. Clearly inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkein. In the workings of copyrights and business, it was quickly changed to Halfling. At conventions I have sat at the table of a number of the old TSR Staff who insist on using […]

Fosc Anansi Launch

Fosc Anansi

Fosc Anansi Shadow of the Spider Goddess is then next adventure module from Fail Squad Games that is going to print with the help of backers like you through Kickstarter! This will be the first Hardback from Fail Squad Games available to the public! Silent crawlers with a venomous bite. Web spinners, creating sticky, beautiful […]