Fosc Anansi Launch

Fosc Anansi

Fosc Anansi Shadow of the Spider Goddess is then next adventure module from Fail Squad Games that is going to print with the help of backers like you through Kickstarter! This will be the first Hardback from Fail Squad Games available to the public! Silent crawlers with a venomous bite. Web spinners, creating sticky, beautiful […]

How to be a Dwarf – And screw it up!


Dwarves in AD&D The race has been a staple since the conception of the game, and they have a firm hold on our hearts. Along with the straight-forward things about height, weight, social interactions and where they come from, there are numerous game mechanics attached to Dwarves, some are plain, some areĀ a little confusing. Here […]

Raven Metcalf – Artist

Raven Metcalf

Raven Metcalf Daughter of Lloyd Metcalf, and artist for Fail Squad Games has FINALLY opened up to taking contract commissions for black & White work! Her work for Fail Squad Games will be picking up, so get your requests in before commissions close. If you are a gamer, an indie or incorporated publisher, or just […]

How boring is a fighter?


Just a fighter? It’s time to take a closer look at the AD&D warrior. Anyone can just pick up a stick and whack a goblin – right? There is far more depth to this standard class than many gamers give credit. It’s not always a mindless brute with a club.