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#1 Ogres of the Fen With Art!

This is the #1 copy off the press of Ogres of the fen, with a letter detailing the origin signed by Lloyd Metcalf.

Included are the original pen and ink pieces of art use din the module. This is a collectible module especially so joined with the art.

Copies of Ogres of the Fen have been shipping pretty quickly and copies are now making the circle to many cons around the country. This is a one of a kind collection that can never be had again!

I am a little surprised that the reserve price isn’t met yet (It’s only $75) but can easily sell for double that without haggling. This is the opportunity to add this art and this module to your collection early in the Lloyd Metcalf RPG career.

Click here to see the auction NOW!

Only a day left!

DruidFullghoul ogre_dogs_sil Ogre_Flee zombie

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