Adventure is Back in this 5E Module

Marathon of Heroes

This adventure was originally written and produced for RPG Crate (July 2017) and it shipped to MANY gamers around the globe. Fail Squad Games, Ric Martens, and Lloyd Metcalf wanted to bring it directly to our supporters as well and we were given the thumbs up to pull the trigger. As is the case with many small indie publishers, laying out the cheddar to get a stack of books printed blindly can be a disastrous risk. Kickstarter addresses that issue and let’s us find the gamers who need the books to plan our print run accordingly.

In Marathon of Heroes the local city is faced with a nightmare of a Dragon. The local lord has tracked the beast to a volcano offshore, but no one knows what awaits. Everyone knows what Red Dragons love above all else though – Treasure.

Strange Friends in Strange Places

It’s not long before the heroes meet a friend from the Lands of Lunacy. The Murine are an anthropomorphic race of rodent folk native to the Lands of Lunacy. They were first introduced in the 1E/OSRIC adventure “Last Call Oliviah” but have been modified and properly introduced as a 5E player character race in Marathon of Heroes.

The heroes new friend knows they aren’t ready to face Vatrastrom the dragon and offers them an opportunity to hone their skills and prepare to face the beast in his volcanic lair.

The Tests

Marathon of Heroes will test the four compass points of tabletop gaming:

  • Fighter
  • Magicuser
  • Cleric
  • Thief

All find their tests and challenges and opportunities to shine. The adventure shines a spotlight on how an old-school party was expected to operate for 5E players. A gaming group of interdependent heroes relying on one another for success. This adventure highlights those Halcyon days and attempts to remind players of the party-team strength (or relive its glory)

Adventure Awaits

This 36-38 page adventure covers multiple sessions and a lot of ground. With stretch goals that comes as side quests called “Interludes” there is potential for many sessions in this one adventure.

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