Do your Amazon reviews help indie publishers?

Amazon Reviews

Amazon Reviews

Should You Review?

Reviewing products on Amazon isn’t something that we always consider as important or “contributing to the community”. Many 3PP (Third Party Publishers) have products on Amazon and reviews by readers and gamers can make a real difference. A difference for other gamers AND those who produce the products.

No one is asking for a false review or flattery, but honest feedback on the site. If you have read, used, and have a familiarity with any product on Amazon, you can leave a product review.

How does it help?

Reviews contribute by

  • Adding personal experience with the product to other gamers.
  • Reviewing a product boosts it in recommendations to other gamers when they browse the site.
  • Makes more associations and higher traffic to the keywords used.
  • Increases exposure for the producer, yourself, and the target keywords.
  • Boosts raw sales for the product in the long run.

Want to contribute more than a review?

After an amazon review, for products you truly enjoy or use, sharing the link on your own personal social media is the golden ticket all RPG publishers hope for. Your personal recommendation to your circle of friends, no matter the size, keeps the hobby and the indie producers going.

So hop on over to Amazon, Barnes & Noble or other places to see if your favorite publishers have products listed, and let the world know what you thought.

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