Dice so small the DM can’t see them

Neither can anyone else without some help.

Ok this is a novelty, and something that just came up as a way to test the limits of some production equipment, but it’s undeniably cool. I posted this story on Facebook recently and have been trying to put my head around just how tiny .3 mm is.

It’s tiny, like teeny tiny. Whip out a ruler and try to put your head around the half-grain of sand that is this die. See those MM marks? 1/3 of one of those is the face of this D6.

MM Ruler
You can still buy these from the company that makes them I believe, but to what end? They also sell other tiny things, Japan wins again when it comes to small and micro. I love that this is possible, and it continues to roll around my brain that there has to be a use for such things.

Of all the game collectors on my friends lists, I don’t know of any that have this.

What is the most unique dice in your collection?

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