Dungeon Mastering like a MASTER!

Dungeon Mastering like a MASTER

Dungeon Mastering like a MASTERImmerse your players in the game

The Dungeon Masters I have met all have their own unique way of immersing players into their game. One of the common themes I come across is Music or Sounds. Well, here’s what I do.

I admit, some electronics at the table can be helpful, other times it can be a curse. Music really helps set the mood at my home games. The best tool I have found for doing this is Pandora. Trying to do this a convention gaming can be counterproductive unless you have your own private room in which to game.

Pandora allows you to stream music through your devices web browser or app and automatically selects related music based on criteria like “thumbs up (or down)”, what tracks you skipped, and algorithm  seeds based on genre, artist, or song. After some time, you can really get a solid line up going that requires little or no attention and provides an immersive mood. Often it’s a mood no one realizes exists until the music stops.

I started my gaming station on October 14th 2012 with the Skyrim soundtrack, it has since expanded significantly. Often it adds music from the hobbit films, Morrowwind, Game of Thrones etc. The general selection is rather focused now to definite background feeling music. Click here to check it out if you like. i am in no way affiliated with Pandora, nor do I have any ‘perk’ to recommending the service. I use it to enhance my games.

The free version does have commercials so you can either get through them, or sign up (Pay) to remove them.

You can also arrange ambient stations for settings like temples, forests, or other settings with a little effort. I admit to not being quite that involved in my music selection, but my interest in it has been growing each time I meet a DM who has a similar practice.

Game on, cue up some music!
What do you do to help immerse your players in the game?

Let us know in the comments below.

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