Dungeons and Dragons Movie

Dungeons & Dragons Movie

Dungeons & Dragons Movie

Yes, It’s Coming!

Back in August Hasbro, WOTC, and WB announced that the Dungeons and Dragons movie was green lighted. Previous D&D movies came with mediocre results and mediocre budgets. When Hasbro brought on Sweetpea Ent. and Roy Lee (Lego Movie and How to Train your Dragon) I became suspicious.

I will go see it, I am sure the effects will be great…. I am sure it will be bloodless, i am sure the plot line is generally light. I fully accept that the movie needs to be a draw for kids, we can’t complain too much. The hope remains that they can manage to do all the things they need to, and still make us cheer from our seat saying, “YES!!! THIS… THIS my friends, is the D&D movie we dreamed about and DESERVE!”

It’s a tall order to appeal to young kids and adults on such a thing that must contain battles and conflict with weaponry. Is there a way to acknowledge that every age range playing the game discusses blood spattering and heads being lobbed off, but still satisfy the ratings requirements?

All the producers are ignoring the previous flop film from 2001. It will be some time before it hits the screen, although they say the script is written.

Who is the Movie for?

In the  end we all hope that it’s a movie to get young people excited about tabletop gaming. I would like to know who the target market is that they have in mind. My guess is PG-13. I am hoping us old farts at least get a nod to the roots of the game.


In the announcement there was an interesting “add on” bit:

Today’s announcement reflects the resolution of Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast LLC’s complaint against Sweetpea Entertainment, Inc. and Sweetpea BVI, Ltd. and the counterclaims filed by Sweetpea against Hasbro in May 2013 related to the Dungeons & Dragon brand. Solomon and Zeman will be attached to produce all Warner Bros.-produced Dungeons & Dragons film and television productions. All rights for future Dungeons & Dragons productions have been unified and returned to Wizards of the Coast, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hasbro.

Is there more than just a movie in the works? Our games and our little corner of the world is finally getting to ride in the front seat. This is good news for OSR game producers and convention hosts.

Way to go Gary Gygax… way to go!

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