The most elite Dungeonmaster tool EVER!


You thought you had the best gaming table ever? think again buttercup

Wyrmwood is a small Massachusetts-based company that offers artisan quality gaming accessories to gamers who value craftsmanship. Founded by Douglas Costello, Ian Costello, and Edward Maranville, Wyrmwood exists to bring your tabletop experience to the next level.

You’ll need to see this:

No you didn’t miss out, their kickstarter is still live, but it ain’t cheap! It looks like the set up comes in sections that you can customize and piece together as you like.


This fulfills every nook and cranny of my nerd-desire to run a game of Dungeons & Dragons! These folks have already blasted past a quarter of a million bucks and I can see why.

This is Wyrmwood’s sixth Kickstarter and on the surface it appears as if they have followed through. I didn’t dig overly deep I’ll admit it.

So if you have a stack of cash and know anyone who games… *ahem – cough* I’ll send you my address when they deliver these babies!

You can back the project HERE

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