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ernie Not everyone asks for assistance BEFORE it’s too late. Ernie the barbarian is about to go on a quest to take on the biggest foe he has ever had to tackle. In such times, heroes know they can’t make journeys like this alone, though theirs will be the name sung in songs of victory.

Ernie Gygax is the namesake, and son of Dungeons & Dragons creator Gary Gygax (Both Ernest Gary Gygax) and has contributed to the hobby we love and cherish in many great ways….. and I like to think he would call me his friend. The following showed  up on his Facebook page today:

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Ernest Gary Gygax Jr Trust has just been created. The address for any who wish to assist with Pay Pal is [email protected] , I am in a fight for my long term life and am fighting a battle against one of the mightiest foes I’ve ever fought against. Poor health and then to complicate the issue alcoholism which compounds the issues. With the aid of Luke Gygax and some important input from Alex Kammer I wish to announce the change to the Trust that used to be the Fire Relief Fund, which not only helped pay for my existence after the fire but the Hospital stay after the Heart Attack a few years ago and many other health costs. Please share this call for gaming friends to come to my aid.

Medical issues aside, alcoholism is a mighty dragon to slay, and more-so when medical bills are looming and the aches and pains of other medical conditions remind you of the challenge.

Ernie is a resource and character in our Dungeons and Dragons Epic we don’t want to re-roll, and we don’t want him standing alone against the dragon. If you wish to help out you can contribute to the paypal fund by donating via friends and family to [email protected]

Our family here at FailSquadGames wish you all the best Ernie, and lend you our swords to come out on top of this battle.

~Lloyd M




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