Fail Squad Games Adventures pt2

The Remake of Bogey of Swindle (Spoiler alert)

swindle Our heroes Lia (I had spelled it wrong previously) and Holg made it to Swindle. It suddenly became clear that they should have asked more questions back in Whisper when the tavern owner told them not everyone was exactly “human”. They assumed there would be no issue, because they themselves weren’t human (An elf and a half-orc). They did not expect Goblins!

They were greeted in the morning by the mayor of Swindle and his henchmen. An awkward first meeting to be sure. The Swindle Goblins are prepared for awkward first meetings and folks on their guard, but towering Holg was intimidating and the goblins were hesitant as well. Some quick conversation and offers of food (and booze) settled the meeting quickly.

Squizgar, a Blue Dragonborn druid had a rough scrape with some different nasty Goblins in some caves. She was recovering in the wilds the night before when she fled a mysterious forest fire in the distance and was offered some fast shelter from the goblins who were terrified of screeching beasts in their squash fields. Too wounded and exhausted to investigate the horrors of the fields, the goblins assured her she was safe, so she slept.

The next morning Squizgar met and joined Lia and Holg as the mystery of the creatures of the squash and pumpkin fields became more focused. The Goblins of Swindle were terrified of the haunts and demons that raided their fields, distillery, and their homes at night.

The heroes staked out the fields, not sure what to expect. The Bogey’s showed up with a dozen little demons and huge rats. The demons it turned out, were kobolds with haunting howls, but the Bogey’s…. the bogey’s remain a mystery. Lia was accidentally discovered as she attempted to creep near a Bogey. A battle erupted!¬†Squizgar DID get near one Bogey in squirrel form, but she suspects something more mundane than an ethereal creature.

The battle with the Kobolds could have been horribly deadly. A Dozen of the nasty beasts charged at our three heroes weapons drawn. Holg leapt to the battle with his great axe, where Lia stopped him short, covered him in red berries and made him a fright.
Using his impressive intimidation he let out a roar and became his own terror in the night sending half the creatures fleeing in fright!

An entangle spell and a number of swings sent the cowards scrambling away. The Bogey’s were long gone though, they¬†fled as soon as Lia was seen near the squash fields.

The night was saved, but the mystery remains. In the morning the heroes may be tracking Kobolds, but not before a rest. Hopefully they can find the least stinky of houses in Swindle.

They managed to wrangle one kobold to the caves bound in ropes. Now to convince the goblins that their terror is caused by something rather banal.



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