New Concept in Digital RPGs?

dungeon mini

Well, Almost.

When I first saw this project called Dungeon Mini pop up n my feed I got a little excited, but it wasn’t what I was hoping for.

The game has a lot of potential. I couldn’t put my finger on what was so familiar, then it hit me… this is a little like a GAUNTLET remake, then I got happier.

They tout it as new technology, and unique usage, but really Pokemon, Lego, and a number of other companies are grabbing on to this style of app and have been doing it for some time. Not everyone wraps it in D&D skins though.

The Kickstarter

After watching the video and checking the Kickstarter project HERE, I began to lose my excitement. What I was really hoping for was something like surface scapes old video (See below) but what this is delivering is a bit like fruit ninja with a D&D skin.

The goal is $88K – ambitious. The company has canceled a couple projects, not funded a few, but had one or two successes.

The video and project page are professionally done, I am curious to see if they will fund this. It looks fun, but where is our turn based tabletop RPG?

I think if they backed out on animation and a few real time action things, they might be able to deliver more than just 40 dungeon rooms.

I love them for trying, I love that they are gamers. The project is based in France and they do have titles on Steam.

What I was hoping for was more of this:

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