Valerian – The next Fifth Element?


ValerianValerian is scheduled to hit theaters next summer. The film is directed by Luc Besson who was the vision behind the Fifth Element that we have all come to love. It looks to be another visually striking film and IT’S NOT A REBOOT!!!

The idea of a movie not being a reboot of an existing IP is so exciting, that I am pretty sure I will be going out to see this one. The preview is pretty stellar, I was not able to embed it for you, but you can watch it here:

Just click the link and have at it.

ValerianThe preview has some really inspiring scenes, you can see the concept artists and digital painters bringing dreams to life on the screen in this one. If the movie is a flop, I think I will still love the visuals. Animation in the previews already promises to be smoother than Avatar.

I hope they pull together new tech in costume and CG to make this one really pop. Space nerd unite, and prepare…. we only need to get through the winter, and spring… looks like the wait might be worth it! It does indeed look like the next Fifth Element without it being… the Fifth Element 2016. Color me excited!Valerian

So get all your googling in for the herb and it’s root with the medicinal uses in now. Soon you will only get movie results. I am not sure why the name was chosen. but hey, it’s not another reboot! They could have called it “Poo on a Pancake” if it wasn’t a reboot, I was ready.

Keep an eye on their facebook page here:

and buy me a ticket when it releases!

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