Why Play Red Box D&D?

Red Box D&D

Some controversy around an author has stirred up some strong feelings in the gaming world. It might be time to take a step back and think about what is known to 80’s gamers as BECMI.

How do you deal with level 1?

Level 1

From the time my friends and I started playing D&D back in the 80’s until today we have been making house rules around level 1. Almost all other gaming tables I have encountered also have rulings and adjustments to levels 1-3. What follows are…

Is there REALLY an Uncanny Resurrection of Dungeons & Dragons?

Fail Squad Games

This article from the New Yorker has been circulating around my feed and the internet lately and it bothers me a little bit. It’s well written, takes a close look at the Dungeons and Dragons world, but the title question sits awkwardly in my…

You went to Gen Con – Avoid Con Crud!

Gen Con 50

Con Crud!! When attending conventions, especially large ones like Gen Con, there are thousands of people in a little bit of space. Inevitably folks share germs, bugs, and sniffles even when they are healthy. In the Navy we called it “Creeping Crud”, convention goers…

Distance – It’s about to get confusing


  Distance in AD&D It often gets a little glazed over by DMs & players and who can blame them? 1″=10 yards, 1″=10 feet, 1/3rd inside or 1:10 or 1:20… Lets take a closer look at what distance REALLY says. 

Adventure is Back in this 5E Module

Marathon of Heroes This adventure was originally written and produced for RPG Crate (July 2017) and it shipped to MANY gamers around the globe. Fail Squad Games, Ric Martens, and Lloyd Metcalf wanted to bring it directly to our supporters as well and we…