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Failsquad TFund

Fail Squad Games Shirt
Fail Squad Games Shirt

As I started investigating getting T-Shirts printed with our classic “Let’s get ready to FUMBLE!” saying, I was getting some rather expensive quotes. I did order myself one, but it was over $20 (My cost!)

TFund is something like a pre-order system. Ordering shirts in bulk gets the price down, and with 20 shirts the price ends up being $16.95 and I manage to find 4 or 5 bucks per shirt left over.

I am hoping with this bit left over, should all 20 sell, that I can look into getting a local T-shirt company to work with me and start producing cool gaming shirts.

Really this is just a way to offer the Let’s Get Ready to Fumble shirts for a reasonable price to anyone who wants one. Everyone really likes the all 1’s D20. I have one on right now, and it is pretty cool.

Hop on the TFund today. It ends August 10 2015.

CLICK HERE to reserve yours now!




Shipping Upgrade


Shipping UPGRADE!

My friend, and adventure supporting character,  Bad Mike suggested that I should grab / find some shipping boards to back modules when they ship. I found a deal online for 500 Magazine boards, I held my breath and clicked the order now button.

500 of these was more than I thought. I got a big ol box full of backer boards for shipping. “Well,” I thought, “I better sell a LOT of modules now!”
Much to my delight, when I opened the box, I realized that these were PERFECT boards for illustration in pen & Ink! One side is gloss coated, but the ‘back’ is not.

I consider this a great win all around. Not only will mods ship with more protection, but I now have a big stack of illustration board to keep myself busy and upgrade the quality of art collectors. :)


The Hobgoblin Hold


A BECMI Interlude


The Hobgoblin Hold

A Low-level Labyrinth Lord / BECMI side quest by Lloyd Metcalf

While traveling along the road the PCs discover three dead and bloodied kobolds and what was quite a skirmish. Closer investigation suggests that someone, or something has captured the creatures.

Crude cages are hidden nearby, and manacles are dangling from a low tree branch. The trail leads to a very unpleasant out-cropping.

The Hobgoblin encampment dominates the face of a series of cliffs. For years this tribe of Hobgoblins have been enslaving kobolds and goblins to carve their secure underground hold out of the cliff for their leader, Blodnick. Blodnick seeks the favor of goblinoid wicked gods above ALL other things.

Within the lair are 30 hobgoblins, 20 Kobolds, and 15 goblins.

While making their way into the caverns and through the cliffs, the PCs find the kobolds and goblins quite desperate to escape and terrified of their captors. If the PCs approach with a willingness to converse, the kobolds reaction is at +1 bonus.

The Hobgoblins are more interested in simply getting the PCs to leave than they are in the dangerous business of killing them. Some may attempt bribery if given the opportunity.

Blodnick is attempting to become a cleric of the goblinoid gods, but simply can’t find the blessings, literature, or tutelage to get there. He sees PCs disrupting him as an intrusion in a very private affair.

Blodnick – Alignment Chaotic, MV 90’ (30’), AC 2 (Banded mail+1 + shield), HD 4, #Att 1, DMG 2d4+3 (broadsword +str) , Save F4, Morale 9, Hoard Class  see below , XP 215
Treasure: Banded mail +1, Jewelry x 1, Potion healing x 1 (May use in battle), PP 50, GP 200, EP 80, SP 500, CP 2,300

Hobgoblin – Alignment Chaotic, MV 90’ (30’), AC 6, HD 1+1, #Att 1, DMG 1d8 (or weapon), Save F1, Morale 8, Hoard Class  XIX , XP 15
Goblin – Alignment Chaotic, MV 60’ (20’), AC 6, HD 1-1, #Att 1, DMG 1d6 (or weapon), Save 0 level human, Morale 7, Hoard Class none , XP 5
Kobold – Alignment Chaotic, MV 60’ (20’), AC 7, HD 1d4hp, #Att 1, DMG 1d4 (or weapon), Save 0 level human, Morale 6, Hoard Class none , XP 5

Hobgob Hold

Collectors of Goblins!

Those Dam Goblins on sale NOW!
Those Dam Goblins on sale NOW!

Those Dam Goblins!

The first 20 modules produced under ‘Fail Squad Games’ In the studio here – A collectors pre-release print run before they come in from the mass-produced print house.
Check them out in the web store HERE.
These first 20 are going fast… very fast. get them while they last!

It is good to see these in print.

Those Dam Goblins! Ready to order soon!

Those Dam Goblins!

(Available in just a few days!)

Those Dam Goblins
Click image for full size view

That’s right, we are only a few days away from this being available for purchase! The first OFFICIAL FailSquad adventure module.

Written by Christopher Clark (Eldritch Ent and Innercity Games)
Edited by Brenda Clark,James M. Ward (Eldritch Ent.), Lloyd Metcalf
Illustration, layout and production – Lloyd Metcalf (Fail Squad Games)

From the back:

Several months ago, human settlers discovered a marsh-covered valley which they knew would provide fertile cropland if only the marsh could be drained.
The settlers dammed the river and may have damned themselves! The diverted river has awoken the cliffs themselves.
Strange rumblings in the earth and smoke from the cliff-tops are sure signs of trouble.
The residents of Fertile Valley need some heroes, can you save Fertile Valley before it’s too late?

It has been my pleasure, honor and joy to work with Chris on this project and I look forward to pulling the trigger shortly to allow orders to begin. There are a few scant illustrations laft to pop in, some minor tweaking, and a little testing to be sure everything is 100%.
I am hopeful that orders can start when July does.

~Lloyd M