How About Free PDFs?

digital files

Why aren’t PDF files free?

This question comes in quite a bit and I am hearing about it more from other publishers lately. People message asking why .PDFs of published titles aren’t free or why their print version doesn’t come with a complementary .PDF. It seems like a simple thing to deliver a digital version of the book to a customer. The thinking is that the publisher doesn’t need to print and handle a physical product, so why charge? After all, the customer has to use their own resources to print all those pages. Read More

Why Play Red Box D&D?

Red Box D&D

Some controversy around an author has stirred up some strong feelings in the gaming world. It might be time to take a step back and think about what is known to 80’s gamers as BECMI. Read More

How do you deal with level 1?

Level 1

From the time my friends and I started playing D&D back in the 80’s until today we have been making house rules around level 1. Almost all other gaming tables I have encountered also have rulings and adjustments to levels 1-3. What follows are some of our general adjustments, but I would like to know how others deal with low level characters, if at all. Read More

Is there REALLY an Uncanny Resurrection of Dungeons & Dragons?

Fail Squad Games

This article from the New Yorker has been circulating around my feed and the internet lately and it bothers me a little bit. It’s well written, takes a close look at the Dungeons and Dragons world, but the title question sits awkwardly in my brain.

Read More

Gary Con X Artist Gathering

Art Gathering

Art GatheringThe Yearly Artist Gathering at Gary Con is for artists, craftsfolk, and people interested in the art and artists of the RPG and Gaming or fantasy worlds that one may encounter at Gary Con. We talk art, draw, doodle, over drinks and snacks at the Bar / Lounge.
A regular drop-in event that has always proven to be fun. Last year was a mad hatter tea party! Who knows what will happen this year!?! don’t miss it.

This year we will revisit tea stains, but jump to paint perhaps. Revisit this page as we make plans and prepare.



You went to Gen Con – Avoid Con Crud!

Gen Con 50

Con Crud!!

When attending conventions, especially large ones like Gen Con, there are thousands of people in a little bit of space. Inevitably folks share germs, bugs, and sniffles even when they are healthy. In the Navy we called it “Creeping Crud”, convention goers know it as Con Crud. There are a few steps you can take to minimize the effects of Con Crud, The following is my tactic for any convention experience. Shared here in the hopes of helping my fellow con-goers. Read More