Bogey of Brindle Enters Layout

drawingThe Bogey of Brindle – Old School Feel, now with 100% more 5E!

The writing is complete! The maps are complete! Some of the illustrations are ready…. We now enter LAYOUT!

The Bogey of Brindle, the Fail Squad Games re-write and edition migration of “The Bogey of Swindle” is nearing completion. The writing is all tied up and edited, tested, ready to roll. The maps will all be HAND DRAWN pen & Ink, as will the illustrations on the inside. This project is MEANT to be OLD SCHOOL in feel but headed to your 5E table!

A LOT of work has gone into this project, and nothing has been left untouched. This will be a full size module that is ready for multiple game sessions. WAY more than just a re-do of a short clumsy mod when we first started.

Why do you care if it’s entering layout?

Because that means the Kickstarter is about to launch. Once the illustration and layout is complete, and the files are ready to send to the printer, The kickstarter to fund production will launch… and you will WANT to be in on this one!

You will have this adventure in your hands before Halloween, which is the PRIME opportunity to bring it to your gaming table!

We hope to Launch as early as next week – get ready!

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