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Fail Squad Games Shirt
Fail Squad Games Shirt

As I started investigating getting T-Shirts printed with our classic “Let’s get ready to FUMBLE!” saying, I was getting some rather expensive quotes. I did order myself one, but it was over $20 (My cost!)

TFund is something like a pre-order system. Ordering shirts in bulk gets the price down, and with 20 shirts the price ends up being $16.95 and I manage to find 4 or 5 bucks per shirt left over.

I am hoping with this bit left over, should all 20 sell, that I can look into getting a local T-shirt company to work with me and start producing cool gaming shirts.

Really this is just a way to offer the Let’s Get Ready to Fumble shirts for a reasonable price to anyone who wants one. Everyone really likes the all 1’s D20. I have one on right now, and it is pretty cool.

Hop on the TFund today. It ends August 10 2015.

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