Are you giving crappy greeting cards?

Greeting Card

Greeting Card Why would you give your friends and family you care about crappy greeting cards dripping with mushy sentiment?

Give them the cards they want, the cards they DESERVE… greeting cards

Loaded with ADVENTURE!

Right now Fail Squad Games has ALL greeting cards on sale, that even includes the MICROQUEST CARDS which are RPG adventures in Greeting card form!!microquest

You don’t need to run around on Black Friday for the perfect gift or give the perfect gift but a REALLY crappy card with some cat in a stocking! Give them a Giant in his ruins, or Santa vs. the White Dragon, or the complete Micro Quest Card SET! 6 adventures!!! 6 Greeting cards!

Click here to GET YOURS NOW!

This sale won’t last forever, and you can’t just give the same old greeting cards this holiday! I mean, don’t you like your friends? Doesn’t your DM spare your life at least once in a while?

You know that Ogre Magi would have messed you up!

Show your DM and players some love, Shop the Fail Squad Games site, sit back and enjoy the praise!

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