Inclusive Fail Squad Games

Fail Squad Games makes an effort to open the doors of gaming to all people regardless of race, gender, or identity. We want to foster an environment for all people to feel comfortable and welcome at the gaming table and in the community.

We de-gender gaming titles in text (They / their for titles such as GM), and seek ways to better our products and approach to production by listening to our readers, supporters and community.

Many of our products are written for OSR (Old School Revival) products as well as new editions. Fail Squad Games attends a number of OSR conventions throughout the year and we strive to make the spaces we occupy warm, welcoming and fun for everyone.

Disruption of this vision in our spaces or organization is not acceptable and we always strive to rectify any complaints or incidents to the best of our ability to ensure a fun gaming experience for all.

We thank you all for your support and encouragement as our name, brand, and products grow. We learn from our failures, and always strive to be the best company, and people we can be.


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