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This piece of cardstock vibrates with the essence of gaming. The artisanal paper is hand-made from classic adventures, damaged well-played modules and leaves collected from 330 Center Street in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. For those who don’t know, 330 Center Street was the home of Gary Gygax and is the birthplace of Dungeons & Dragons. The world and gaming were forever changed from this modest little home.

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As these are unique art items each one is different. Products noted as “DMG” are created from AD&D 1E Dungeon Masters Guide

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 8 × 11 × .5 in
Unique Art Items

Dragon1, Dragon 2, Beholder 1, DMG Beholder 2, DMG Dragon 3, DMG Illithid 1, DMG Skull, DMG Illithid 2

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