ASSASSINATION! The killer we forgot

Assassin AD&D

Assassins are deadly! This look at assassination isn’t exactly a look at the class of Assassin (Which is yet to come) but about the act of assassination. Recently we took a closer look at Half-orcs, who are unlimited in levels of assassin. Things get…

Half Orcs are People Too!

AD&D Half Orc

With this derpy looking drawing, David Sutherland inspired many hours of game play and ideas about half-orcs in AD&D. A Visit with Half-Orcs Today we take a closer look at half-orcs of AD&D, where they come from and how they get used. Often considered…

How to screw up Races in AD&D!


Race in AD&D seems like a pretty straight forward thing, but when was the last time you looked at the charts? Fail Squad Games Gamers have been screwing this up for a long time. It ‘s time to take a closer look at race.

The Secret to People Liking You – Charisma

Goblin Maid

Charisma Possibly one of the more wide ranging stats that AD&D uses, but the one with the least misuse. It still may harbor a surprise or two, so let’s take a closer look. Previously we looked at Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution, and now…

What did we Learn from Constitution?

Dwarven Ale

How to screw it up in Classic Fail Squad Games style while playing AD&D! Previously we took a look at Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, and today we dig into Constitution to see how the Fail Squad Gamers might have used, abused or glazed over…

The Secret of Dexterity

The Thief

Think there’s no way to screw up the rules for Dexterity? You must misunderstand the FAIL in Fail Squad Games! Previously we took a look at Strength, Intelligence and Wisdom. Now it’s time to look into Dexterity and how the Fail Squad Gamers have…