My Gripe About D&D 5E

I Love Dungeons & Dragons, it’s my livelihood and source of great joy. I follow a number of groups in numerous editions and a pattern seems to be emerging in 5E that troubles me. Although it may be kicking a hornet’s nest, I’m going…

Why Play Red Box D&D?

Red Box D&D

Some controversy around an author has stirred up some strong feelings in the gaming world. It might be time to take a step back and think about what is known to 80’s gamers as BECMI.

Hobbit or Halfling?

Hobbit of Halfling?

Which do you Prefer? When the race first came to Dungeons and Dragons, it was Hobbit. Clearly inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkein. In the workings of copyrights and business, it was quickly changed to Halfling. At conventions I have sat at the table of…