City of Hohm Basics

The city of Hohm (Hōm) When the first settlers, who were fishermen and tradesmen, landed on the east cost, they would always refer to making their way “Home”. The township in the founding days was refered to so frequently as “Home” that it began to adopt the name. The modern nomenclature was adopted when the halflings began adding the settlement to their maps and conversations and confusion arose around the phrase “Returning Home”. The clever shire map-makers began writing the city name as the phonetic “Hohm” in order to make clear their own home as the place to hang one tankard.

Since the founding days, Hohm grew quickly. Fishermen and tradesmen found the safe harbor an ideal place to trade goods, services and bind business agreements.

In it’s modern state, Hohm is a very large city divided into wards. Each ward votes in a representative to office to present their issues, and praise, to the royal ruling family that remains in the royal ward on the elevated western side of the the city.

The wharf district is the most frequented by adventurers, sellswords, and travelers. It’s where ships dock and depart to the world, and adventure begins for many. It is also the home of Oliviah’s Inn and Tavern.

There are guilds of all sorts spread throughout the city of 350,000 souls. Some hidden, some displayed depending on their purpose. One every even numbered year representatives run for office of ward representative. This can inspire all sorts of honest and questionable activities to achieve the desired results.

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