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Fosc Anansi – 1E & 5E

A 1E & 5E adventure in one book intended for 4-6 6th level characters in hardback or paperback binding.

Okkorim Poster

11×17 poster print of the Isle of Ill Omen cover art.

Okkorim Game Mat

14″ x 24″ MTG sized, rubber back durable game / dice mat with cover art from Luke gygax’s Isle of Ill Omen adventure.

Fosc Anansi – PDF

A 1E & 5E adventure for 4-6 6th level Characters

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Building A Treasure Horde

If someone asked me what part of designing adventures I find the most perplexing I would say treasure without a thought. For me, deciding what treasure a particular encounter should have has always been a Read more…