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Why is Basic So Limited?

Why is Basic So Limited?There is a psychology in sales that holds true, “If you let the customer choose everything, they choose nothing.”. This [More]

How About Free PDFs?

How About Free PDFs?Why aren’t PDF files free? This question comes in quite a bit and I am hearing about it more from other [More]

Why Play Red Box D&D?

Why Play Red Box D&D?Some controversy around an author has stirred up some strong feelings in the gaming world. It might be time to [More]

How do you deal with level 1?

From the time my friends and I started playing D&D back in the 80’s until today we have been making [More]

Is there REALLY an Uncanny Resurrection of Dungeons & Dragons?

Is there REALLY an Uncanny Resurrection of Dungeons & Dragons?This article from the New Yorker has been circulating around my feed and the internet lately and it bothers me [More]

Gary Con X Artist Gathering

Gary Con X Artist GatheringThe Yearly Artist Gathering at Gary Con is for artists, craftsfolk, and people interested in the art and artists of [More]

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