How to be a Dwarf – And screw it up!


Dwarves in AD&D The race has been a staple since the conception of the game, and they have a firm hold on our hearts. Along with the straight-forward things about height, weight, social interactions and where they come from, there are numerous game mechanics attached to Dwarves, some are plain, some areĀ a little confusing. Here […]

Raven Metcalf – Artist

Raven Metcalf

Raven Metcalf Daughter of Lloyd Metcalf, and artist for Fail Squad Games has FINALLY opened up to taking contract commissions for black & White work! Her work for Fail Squad Games will be picking up, so get your requests in before commissions close. If you are a gamer, an indie or incorporated publisher, or just […]

How boring is a fighter?


Just a fighter? It’s time to take a closer look at the AD&D warrior. Anyone can just pick up a stick and whack a goblin – right? There is far more depth to this standard class than many gamers give credit. It’s not always a mindless brute with a club.

ASSASSINATION! The killer we forgot

Assassin AD&D

Assassins are deadly! This look at assassination isn’t exactly a look at the class of Assassin (Which is yet to come) but about the act of assassination. Recently we took a closer look at Half-orcs, who are unlimited in levels of assassin. Things get ‘ugly’ fast. Both the Half-orc and Assassin class often get overlooked […]

Half Orcs are People Too!

AD&D Half Orc

With this derpy looking drawing, David Sutherland inspired many hours of game play and ideas about half-orcs in AD&D. A Visit with Half-Orcs Today we take a closer look at half-orcs of AD&D, where they come from and how they get used. Often considered rude, crude, obnoxious and brimming with muscle… well, ok, those rumors […]