Lands of Lunacy

Lands of Lunacy

The Lands of Lunacy

Welcome to the Lands of Lunacy setting, a universe created from chaos and consisting of limitless dimensions connected to limitless planes. Herein, domineering lords rule over domains interconnected by webs of lunar gates surrounded by the utter madness of the Chaos Void.

The price of entry may be your sanity, or even your life.
The rewards are immeasurable, and every domain brings new possibilities, rewards, and challenges.
You may never be the same.
You may never return.

Lands of Lunacy

The Lands of Lunacy is the solution ALL GMs have been searching for on those nights when the lunacy of our real world clashes with the gaming world.

You have about half your players show up, a number of cancellations have been called in – what do you do?
Have the players who made it to the table roll new characters?
Start a different quest?
Do you pretend the characters of the players not present wander along like zombies with nothing to add except their attacks?

No – You play those characters present in the Lands of Lunacy.

The Lands of Lunacy operates in such a way that characters can carry on great and earth-shattering adventures, without hardly twitching the clock or altering the current campaign.

The Lands are also the ideal setting for GMs who wish to try out world-shaking adventures but don’t want to risk their own campaign world.

A great tool for when the wizard of the party needs to take their wizard tests.

The perfect solution when a new character(s) wants some 1 on 1 play to catch up to party levels.

A fun addition to convention play with unique roleplay challenges in adventures that can be short, long, or even altered mid-game to suit the GM needs.

Lands of Lunacy

The Lands of Lunacy setting is an avenue that allows GMs to let their imaginations run wild. Shatter the constraints of your campaign world with a trip into the Lands of Lunacy! Whether for the purpose of a surreal alternate reality, a dream sequence, or an enigmatic side quest to accommodate low player turnout, this setting provides you with a means to explore the depths of your twisted mind. Take your players on a wild ride of inter-dimensional travel they won’t soon forget. Their world just got larger and much more dangerous. The encounters they will face will test their mettle and their sanity!

Lands of Lunacy

What’s inside?

This short booklet contains the core setting essentials for playing in the Lands of Lunacy, including a simple, straight forward approach to adding insanity to your game.

It also contains, “The With’s Curse” A short adventure that stands as an introduction to the Lands of Lunacy and gaming with the effects of the realm and its’ inhabitants.

Lands of Lunacy

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