Ugly Stick

Ugly Stick
Ugly Stick

The ugly stick is a 30″ weighted sheleighleigh +2.

  • Damage vs Sm-Med       1d4+2
  • Damage vs Lg                  1d3+2
  • Encumbrance                  3
  • Cost                                   N/A Unique
  • Value                                 3,000 (this gp value used to relate to xp and trade)

Appearance and Creation

Typically the Ugly stick appears as a traditional sheleighleigh in all respects. Detect Magic will reveal that the object retains magical energy at all times. The Ugly Stick will function only as a+2 sheleighleigh until a detailed Identify spell is cast upon it or the command words are known and enacted by the user.

If Comeliness is used in your game, the Ugly Stick is ideally suited to the statistic. Charisma can be replaced with Comeliness if desired, or physical appearance simply tracked and accounted for in character description. The Ugly Stick deals ONLY with physical appearance not social graces.

Upon touching, or striking a creature and uttering a command word, the user is able to drain one point of the victims comeliness attribute into the sheleighleigh and transfer it to themselves. Saving Throw Vs Spell applies. Maximum daily transference 6 points. The transfer requires 3 rounds to complete and recharge before it can be used again. The victim feels no discomfort what-so-ever. Attractiveness can be drained from a sleeping victim without waking them.

Maximum magical comeliness transferable to user – 19, transference beyond 19 will lengthen the effect for 5 hours per use.  The wielder’s unnatural beauty is in constant decay. The user will gradually lose one point of the artificial comeliness every 24 hours.

If the sheleighleigh is within 500 yards of the original victim the comeliness will return to them, if not, the beauty is forever lost. The Ugly Stick can only transfer a comeliness score 2 above that of the victim. I.E. a victim with a comeliness of 14, can only ever grant the wielder a maximum of 16.  Additional draining attempts will only extend effects.

The beauty transferred is relevant to race / species. Thus when a dwarf of high comeliness is drained, the user will take on features appealing to dwarves, such as beards, broad noses and sturdy shoulders. The Ugly Stick is prevalent in elven campfire tales. They tell of human and gnomish witches and warnings to not get beat by the Ugly Stick.

The user will still look generally like themselves after use, but have the added benefit of the beauty of their victim. As the victim is diminished in Comeliness they will take on the unappealing characteristics of the sheleighleigh wielder.

Creation of the Ugly stick

If one can find the rare tales or even rarer written instructions on the creation of the Ugly Stick, the following would be included:

It is made from Blackthorn wood carefully oiled with butter specifically mixed from a black sheep, a yak, and a shetland pony. It is then stored and cured in the chimney flu of a beautiful or handsome royal for a number of months. The traditional method of oiling and polishing the sheleighleigh wood must be observed. after this, a hollow is made in the head of the sheleighleigh and it is filled with a quarter oz blessed pure gold from a Lawful Good church, a half oz of pure silver, and 2 oz of lead that has been kept in an ogres pocket for a day.

A powerful wizard or witch will then imbue the Ugly Stick with its magical bonuses and a spell of permanence is cast along side a polymorph other spell.

This process is occasionally debated among researchers and wizards in casual conversation, but few if any have ever seen an Ugly Stick. Most consider it a thing of legend told to children and princesses to keep them from straying into the wilds.


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