Artist Gathering

What’s this Artist Gathering?

The Artist Gathering began at Gary Con as an opportunity to gather with artists and creatives of the industry in a casual and conversational environment (We try to find our way to the on-site bar or restaurant if possible). The panel or seminar type setting feels rather formal and stiff for creatives and we hope to change that mood and allow the conversation to drift and wander as it will while sharing our experience with friends and attendees. We not only discuss games, art, and our recent projects, but anything that comes up. Usually some small creative activities are present and a chance to connect with industry creatives.

Do I need to bring anything?

Artists are encouraged to bring portfolios, works in progress if possible.
If you aren’t a creative but want to meet some in a more relaxed atmosphere than a panel or proper seminar – here’s your chance!

We often share tales of the trade, jokes, stories, and generally just “Hang out” with anyone interested in coming around. It’s an opportunity to make friends, connections, and talk about the process and our love of the games we create.

We’ve added the Artist Gathering to:

  • Gary Con
  • North Texas RPG Con
  • Total Con
  • Snow Con

Don’t miss out, add it to your schedule. Attendees are welcome to pop in and out casually for any amount of time. We don’t require a ticket to sit in, all are welcome.


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