Maximum HP 004, one week to go

Just one week to go for Maximum HP issue #004, the undead. We are pushing through stretch goals and wracking up contributions for the best issue yet.

 Welcome to issue #004 – The Undead issue of Maximum HP, The old school ’zine for a new school world. In this issue we explore the world of the dead and what haunts our dreams. We are DYING with excitement to bring you to the dark places, the horror and the unnatural things that haunt the afterlife and this world.

This project is creating the fourth Maximum HP Tabletop RPG ‘zine with the theme of the Undead. Within its pages you will find adventure, magic, monsters, and more for your 1E and 5E game! this is our premiere edition with content for First AND Fifth Edition of the world’s favorite roleplaying game!

What’s inside?

Maximum HP is a tabletop RPG ‘zine featuring articles, magic, monsters, and a feature adventure – Nights of Barrow Wight, relating to the world’s favorite tabletop game regarding Dragons and Dungeons. It’s a zine by gamers, for gamers.

In this issue we journey into the unsettling world of unnatural things. Don’t let your player explore just another crypt with tiresome skeletons and zombies. Bring the unexpected, bring MAXIMUM HP!

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Annihilation Rising Goes live

The latest in Fail Squad Games’ Quick Kick projects has gone live and needs your support!! This project is only running 11 days and ends on 5/28/2019!


Monsieur Nerluc clings to the local mountainside. Villagers tell frightened children that the monstrous form of earthen stone is just a natural rock formation. It’s a lie they’d like to believe themselves. Monsieur Nerluc is, in fact, the lord of all Tarasques, and strange cultists seek to waken him. If they do, his age-old toothache will begin to throb, and he’s going to be horrendously angry. 

 Can the heroes get to the “root” of the problem? Will they have a Tarasque lord running wild?  This adventure will be approximately 14 pages long when layout is finished and aimed at a party of 4–5 heroes of 5th level.

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Exquisite Dungeon

Yesterday while we were waiting for some of the usual gang to arrive at The Dungeon Tower FLGS it occurred to me that we were trying to run a long-run campaign in the game store. It’s something that one would run at home with a solid regular group, not a place where people come and go from one week to the next. Or where new gamers just want to sit in for a couple of hours.

How to solve our problem?

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Whisper in the Crags

Whisper in the Crags

The latest 5e / S&W “Quick Kick” adventure from Fail Squad Games is coming to a close tomorrow (January 3rd). There was only a little more than a week to find it and get in, but you only need $3 to get he full reward! Here we are now, doing better than ever… Read More

FSG Kicking up 5E

A few weeks ago Raven and I decided we wanted and needed to learn 5E better so that we could better understand the newest edition of the game for better or worse. We both love and play the 0E through 2E versions and enjoy them. It was just time to set things aside and dig in to try 5e in earnest without insisting it be an older edition. Here’s my take on how things are going…

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Brindlemarsh has launched!

Brindlemarsh is live!

The newest adventure from FSG


The twelfth (12) kickstarter from Fail Squad Games has just launched. Brindlemarsh is the continuation of the Brindle series of adventures. Bogey of Brindle (BR-1) is alaso available through the project or on the website. We’ve added some unique magic items, cool collectibles and an exciting adventure for your heroes!
Written by Lloyd Metcalf and Ric Martens, edited by G.Scott Swift, this new adventure will be a great addition to your tavern tales of adventure.






Dwarfhome Stones
Dwarfhome Stones

Dwarfhome stones (created from cockatrice eggs) are one of the new magic items in Brnidlemarsh. The basic module adventure is just $10 to support FSG and help us to go print. $5 for PDF!! Get in now many limited levels.
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