Maximum HP 004, one week to go

Just one week to go for Maximum HP issue #004, the undead. We are pushing through stretch goals and wracking up contributions for the best issue yet.

 Welcome to issue #004 – The Undead issue of Maximum HP, The old school ’zine for a new school world. In this issue we explore the world of the dead and what haunts our dreams. We are DYING with excitement to bring you to the dark places, the horror and the unnatural things that haunt the afterlife and this world.

This project is creating the fourth Maximum HP Tabletop RPG ‘zine with the theme of the Undead. Within its pages you will find adventure, magic, monsters, and more for your 1E and 5E game! this is our premiere edition with content for First AND Fifth Edition of the world’s favorite roleplaying game!

What’s inside?

Maximum HP is a tabletop RPG ‘zine featuring articles, magic, monsters, and a feature adventure – Nights of Barrow Wight, relating to the world’s favorite tabletop game regarding Dragons and Dungeons. It’s a zine by gamers, for gamers.

In this issue we journey into the unsettling world of unnatural things. Don’t let your player explore just another crypt with tiresome skeletons and zombies. Bring the unexpected, bring MAXIMUM HP!

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