Women Who Game

I am reading through the Rules Cyclopedia in short bursts. To the women who were gamers in the 80s through 90s and stuck with it and kept gaming: I truly salute you. It takes a real love of the game that not many have,…

Labyrinth Lord Vs. OSRIC – What I didn’t know

Labyrinth Lord Advanced and OSRIC are just AD&D right? no…. not really… My assumptions will make an ass of me.

Distance – It’s about to get confusing


  Distance in AD&D It often gets a little glazed over by DMs & players and who can blame them? 1″=10 yards, 1″=10 feet, 1/3rd inside or 1:10 or 1:20… Lets take a closer look at what distance REALLY says. 

Building an Adventure: Getting Started

Druid Camp

It Seems like the most common phrase I hear in regard to adventure design is “I don’t know where to start.” While this problem is not unusual, many people talk themselves out of trying to build an adventure before they even start. If you…

The Paladin Code Part 2: Violating the Code


What constitutes a violation of the Paladin code? This question has confounded players and Game Masters since the inception of the class and continues to do so today. On one side of the argument is the player who feels they have their agency taken…

The Paladin Code (Part I: Why is There a Code)


From the very beginning of the game the paladin has been a class surrounded with contention. In my experience it is the paladin code and what that code means causing most arguments. Many players feel that the code a paladin is required to follow…