Writing adventures, the humble beginning


Writing adventures for Dungeons and Dragons (and all the OGL OSR systems) is a tricky business. Where do you start? how do you make a workable adventure? Can it be published?

Whenever I begin writing adventures I have to remind myself to NOT turn on my computer. My adventures have some very humble beginnings and what follows is my process. Read More

Labyrinth Lord Vs. OSRIC – What I didn’t know

Labyrinth Lord Advanced and OSRIC are just AD&D right? no…. not really… My assumptions will make an ass of me. Read More

A Fail Squad Holiday

Fail Squad Games is having such a great time with our Kickstarter, a move, and all this snow…. it’s time to REALLY celebrate the holidays… by rolling dice!

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Those DAM Goblins!

Those Dam Goblins

Labyrinth Lord (BECMI) adventure with 5E rules. The next kickstarter from Fail Squad Games is Those Dam Goblins written by Chris Clark. Extended, illustrated, and all other goblin labor by Lloyd Metcalf. The project funded in just under 24 hours and has continued to do well for a short run project.

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The NPC did what?

Oh my, the NPC betrayed us again! Let me work on my “surprised” face… Read More

Why is Basic So Limited?

There is a psychology in sales that holds true, “If you let the customer choose everything, they choose nothing.”. This has been proven numerous times in both retail, design… and gaming. Why would anyone want to limit player options? Because when players can choose anything, they choose everything! Read More