#1 Last Call Oliviah with original art!

Tomorrow my shipment of Last Call Oliviah modules will show up from the printers. (So says UPS). These Kickstarted 74 Pg mods / intro to Lands of Lunacy were a LOT of work!
As many folks know, I am not a good collector (And always need to pay the rent since I went full-time artist), and I have all these original pen and inks done to produce the book.

I would like to bundle them all with the #1 module off the press.
Many of the folks have made sure my career in RPGs continues to grow, so I have my ears open if this is a collection that anyone would like to put an offer on.

All together it’s 24 pieces of original art all used in the printing. (Some have 2 illustrations on one piece, and a couple are just the divider art for interior pages)

If you would like to make an offer email me. If nothing gets worked out, I may consider ebay, or other venues.

[email protected]


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