Ogres of the Fen

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Ogres of the Fen

The tribe of Gaundelfen ogres have long lived among a stand of trees in a large fen near the village of Lorview. The land was too wet to farm or cultivate. The villagers have kept their distance and the ogres have kept their focus south of the fen skirmishing with goblin platoons.

Some miles to the south of the ogre fen, a large band of goblins have been mining silver in the hills and terrorizing the mountain range for as many as ten years. The ogres maintained a balance and an odd sense of protection between the unpredictable goblin horde and the human settlement. An almost symbiotic relationship had emerged from the situation. The residents of Lorview began to take solace in the fact that their southern border was protected when they heard the heavy ogre drumming on the new moon.

Recently the ogres have been knocking at the door of Lorview. One by one the farmsteads are being raided and taken over by ogres. Who will stop this plague and find out why the ogres have come to Lorview? What can possibly be happening in the fen when ogres come screaming out of the night terrified from their own marsh?

This adventure and ‘Those Dam Goblins’ from Chris Clark are neck and neck in a race to be the first from our in-studio production equipment.

Last Call Oliviah is still in the works and progressing quickly Keep your eyes on the site here for updates!

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