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Building an Adventure: Getting Started

Druid Camp

It Seems like the most common phrase I hear in regard to adventure design is “I don’t know where to start.” While this problem is not unusual, many people talk themselves out of trying to build an adventure before they even start. If you have ever struggled with coming up with an idea for an […]

Ranger Archetype: Scout

AD&D Elf

Today we present a new archetype for the 5e Ranger. This archetype focuses on the favored terrain concept. Ranger Archetype: Scout The scout archetype takes favored terrain to a whole new level. All ranger’s gain the favored terrain ability, However, the Scout becomes a true master of their chosen terrain learning to use it for […]

Racial Alternative For Half-Orcs: Erwhona

I feel¬†that half-breed races such as the Half-Orc do not get enough variation, therefore I decided to create a race that is a cross between elf and orc called the Erwhona. The Erwhona An Erwhona is the unfortunate result of a coupling between orc and elf. Erwhona means “one who is damned” in the Elvish […]

Rogue Archetype: The Conman

Con Man

One of the things I personally enjoy about 5e is how much room is left for creativity. Below is ¬†information on a rogue archetype called The Conman. The Conman is for use in places with large populations. The Conman may not gain some of the combat bonuses other rogue archetypes do, but this character is […]

The Paladin Code Part 2: Violating the Code


What constitutes a violation of the Paladin code? This question has confounded players and Game Masters since the inception of the class and continues to do so today. On one side of the argument is the player who feels they have their agency taken away any time a Game Master “punishes” their Paladin. On the […]