A Piece of Gaming Mecca or Magic Item?

Gygax Magic Item

Magic Items and Nostalgia

330 Center St
Me at 330 Center St with leaves for the project

This piece of cardstock vibrates with the essence of gaming. The artisanal paper is hand-made from Classic AD&D books.

Damaged, well-played, seasoned books and leaves collected from 330 Center Street in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. For those who don’t know, 330 Center Street was the home of Gary Gygax and is the birthplace of Dungeons & Dragons.

The world and gaming were forever changed from this modest little home. The leaves were collected, cleaned, destemmed, then soaked for months to make the fibers pliable enough to be added to paper. These pages and leaves are then hand-pressed to create this one of a kind paper that carries the essence of gaming in every cell.

Lloyd Metcalf, Art director of Gary Con and CEO of Fail Squad Games, and lead goblin at Apple Con, collected the leaves, made the paper, and finally adorned each piece with thoughtful art in archival ink. Each drawing is intended to bring the essence of classic Dungeons & Dragons and RPGs to everyone who holds it.


Since the first piece was created, it has come to be believed that dice resting on this paper are imbued with the luck and adventures of legend. Is it possible that a roll in a game might somehow be altered by the will of all the heroes of center street, and the uncountable nostalgic adventures that were had with the paper that was recycled into this one little square?

You’ll have to try it to find out.

I will have a very limited supply of these,  all artwork is unique and different to each piece.  Whatever I make will be for sale in the online store CLICK HERE to get yours now!

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