Ansel Elgort, Dungeons & Dragons, please don’t screw this up!

How do you feel about Ansel Elgort in the new D&D movie… who IS he? Is there a reason this is a FAIL Squad Games article?
Here is the fella in question talking with Jimmy Fallon about Bruce Willis, his mom and some other banter. He does have a long list of movies and roles that he has been in, however, I have to admit to not seeing any of them.
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Ansel Elgort
the Next D&D Hero??!?

One thing comes to mind when we see this actor and think of dungeons & Dragons, “Are they trying to make a cuter boy Legolas?”

Because, COME ON!!! Legolas had no business being in the hobbit, but the women production companies pander to in the theaters would never have stood for leaving him out. For that matter, Thorin had no business being…. whatever girl fantasy the company percieved hue should be either.

So are production companies just pandering to the teen-girl-crush in the movie to get asses in the seat instead of making the big budget epic Dungeons & Dragons movie we have waited SO long to see?

Dungeons And Dragons, to be directed by Rob Letterman, has been a top priority film for Warner Bros. which is looking for new franchises to invigorate the studio…. Which means they are taking a HUGE leap of faith after many years of just remaking old movies.

David Leslie Johnson (The Conjuring 2) scripted the fantasy story for the studio. Hasbro’s Brian Goldner and Stephen Davis, Sweetpea Entertainment’s Courtney Solomon and Allan Zeman, and Roy Lee are producing. So they have some traction on the production.

The big question is,”Are we getting an epic, or are we getting more crap?” Dungeons & Dragons movies have been attempted before, but they have been lousy budget productions with people who barely understand the game. I am SURE this will be a 5E movie, sorry old school fans, we will never get our true dream. This might come close though.

The hopeful and shiny side of this penny, is that Game of Thrones has experienced a hugs success among the nerds AND jocks (thank you boobs!). LOTR also created a large following, even if everything Hobbit related was a real disappointment.

Here at Fail Squad Games, we remain cautiously optimistic about this choice, and we keep watching the news with a glimmer of hope… daring to dream…. that us Dungeons & Dragons gamers MIGHT get our epic we have so-long dreamt about.

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