The Bogey of Brindle Launches, Funds & Thrives

The Bogey of Brindle launched yesterday, then within a few hours, was fully funded and the unique backing levels were disappearing fast. Backers have been sharing the link all over social media, and as a team, we are growing this project properly.

Like Curse of the White Mine, I felt an obligation to find stretch goals and other things, but also like the Curse of the White Mine, I wanted to Keep it simple so delivery wouldn’t get complicated.

A lot of work went into turning The Bogey of Swindle into a full size module and 5E from an OSRIC digest one-sitting mod. The adventure is completely fresh and barely recognizable. A number of new characters have been added, the boss re-imagined, and no stone left unturned, then many new ones added in for good measure.

When I brought Curse of the White Mine to conventions, a lot of people were telling me they missed the old fashion AD&D module feel. They weren’t keen on the full color page splashes and the fancy things I thought were “neat”. The gamers who did like the full color layout, could have gone either way really.
As an old-school guy who really enjoys the nostalgia, I get it, I really do. I wanted to bring that old school feel to this adventure, but produce a 5E quest for the Old School DMs who were playing 5E. All but a couple of illustrations were done by me in old fashion pen and ink on paper. Maps included.

This module is complete and ready to go to print. I hope you consider supporting the Old School feel in the Emperor’s new clothes (5E) and let the world know that OSR can also be alive in 5E.

~Lloyd M

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