You don’t need to wait for FRIDAY to start your EVERCON weekend!

Evercon 2017
Evercon 2017
Evercon 2017

Excited about Evercon 2017?

You should be, it’s going to be the best one yet!



You don’t need to wait for Friday!

THURSDAY January 5th from 1-3PM Evercon special guest Lloyd Metcalf will be at Barnes & Noble in Wausau signing his books while talking about writing and illustrating adventures!

You can not only get an early jump on the con, but you will be able to enjoy more focused attention from one of the special guests! Lloyd has working as an illustrator for many emerging game companies and is finding his way as owner of Fail Squad Games into the annals of gaming notoriety.

Barnes & NobleSo come on over the Wausau on Thursday to Barnes & Noble and join in the fun of the PRE-CON party!

If you are going to Evercon the following weekend, Lloyd is hosting a number of events that you can reserve your seat for NOW!

CLICK HERE to register NOW

Lloyd Metcalf / Fail Squad Games will be presenting the following events along with a vendor booth at Evercon 2017 this year!

Critical Fumble: Learning to fail with style

A round table discussion / presentation by Lloyd Metcalf of Fail Squad Games. The journey to becoming an RPG illustrator and game designer, or any creative endeavor is not always a level well-paved road that is easy to travel. Addressing failure, minding the gaps and embracing the screw­-ups creates new paths to achievement for anyone chasing a dream.

Lloyd had to face the reality that failure was not only likely, but inevitable with his dream of becoming a fantasy artist and game producer. Understanding how to grow from failure became a critical piece of the journey. Many artists, writers, and creative people make failure or the fear of failure, an intimidating barrier to progress. Learn to flip that fear and turn it into a tool of self-improvement.   Discuss some of the lessons learned along the way with Fail Squad Games, art, design, production process from idea to being published with distributors around the globe.

The Witch’s Trial:

You settle in for a quiet night’s rest in a warm cozy bed. Tremendous rats, madness, voices, and chaos spin your world into madness! Where are you? WHO are you? Can you even survive the Lands of Lunacy to ever find your way back to your safe warm bed?

Welcome to the Lands of Lunacy setting, a universe created from chaos and consisting of limitless dimensions connected to limitless planes. Herein, domineering lords rule over domains interconnected by webs of lunar gates surrounded by the utter madness of the Chaos Void. The price of entry may be your sanity, or even your life. The rewards are immeasurable, and every domain brings new possibilities, rewards, and challenges.

You may never be the same.

You may never return.




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