Those Dam Goblins – In the works

New (And the FIRST) 1E/OSRIC Adventure Module from Fail Squad Games!

Those Dam Goblins!

Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!

A swamp in a green lush valley is home for some, but it’s opportunity for industrious humans. Damming up the source of the water and diverting flow through some old caves to dry out the land has left some of the best agricultural land anywhere! The town of Fertile Plain sprang up as soon as the first harvest rolled in from the fields.

The cliffs at the dam have begun smoking during the day, something isn’t right. The balance of life itself in Fertile Plain is suddenly in the hands of a few fearless heroes. A hundred lives hinge on what you do next. 

Chris has dubbed this “A short dungeon crawl” but it isn’t your classic room-monster-treasure by any means. This is an interconnected adventure with a LOT of potential for fun, future quests, and potential frequent failure.

Those Dam Goblins is now in the Illustration phase, and it will need some wiggling in layout as the artwork falls in place. As it stands we are looking at approximately 24 full size (8.5×11) pages of adventure.  Over the next couple of weeks we will be getting this project nailed down and produced.

THE FIRST EVER Fail Squad Games Module produced, bound and delivered from the studio.




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