Fail Squad Adventures – pt1

The Bogey of Swindle Remake:

wildfireDuring the first round of Bogey of Swindle session aimed at a revamp, the party (Leah the Wood Elf Druid, Paired with Holg the Half-Orc Barbarian) were approached in Whisper at the tavern to undertake the journey to Swindle to see where the shipments of beer and liquor were.
They heard folk in Swindle weren’t exactly “human”, but not being human themselves, no questions were asked.
Down the trade route they went with the rpomise of reward from the tavern and local business owners.
That evening, camped on the road, it was decided they would enjoy a campfire. Leah spoke with a deer and discovered there were “Little orcs like him” about. Leah gathered mustard greens, chestnuts and acorns for a lovely meal, and Holg was just about to set off to shoot a deer, Leah hoped not her new friend.
Arrows shot into the campsite, striking Leah and Holg! Chaos erupted as Leah ran to get out of the fire light allowing her darkvision to kick in. Kobold Ambush!!! From he trees!
Leah threw a quick dagger, dropping one from the trees and confiscating his bow.
Holg did what a heroic Orc-warrior barbarian would….. He threw the flaming logs of the campfire into the fall foliage!!! He would burn those buggers out!
Much to the horror of Leah, the fire began to spread. She shot another Kobold out of the trees with her Kobold bow. Only one of the wretched things remained, who was lighting a rag in an oil flask to throw at the towering orc warrior standing in the road admiring his “clever” solution to the Kobold problem. Holg, unbelievably caught the vial then immediately threw it back at the creature. Where it exploded into a white hot fireball spreading the flames out of control!! The flaming Kobold, amazingly still alive and on fire, ran wild with panic through the dry fall leaves rolling and flailing in agony to his death (spreading the flames more).
Leah caught sight of her new doe friend fleeing, calling for her baby fawn, lost in the flames. With horror and weeping disbelief she did the only thing she could think of as flames roared to engulf the forest, pray. In the road she created an altar and prayer circle with herbs, followed carefully the druidic method of pleading for aid, and began a prayer for rain.
None came
The scars of the arrows healed quickly, but the memory of the horrific night remained. They traveled through the night, flames roaring in the distance as their fire engulfed the forest.
Holg, was quite sure his solution to the kobold problem was complete and thorough…. there was some in-fighting until dawn.
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